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Life in Korea
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Life in Korea - Accommodation
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  - Electricity Power Service   - Residential space rental to foreigners  

  • Types of relocation Services
  •   1. Standard relocation service (ilban isa) (5 ton truck costs approx. 350,000 won)
          The mover packs his/her own things, and the company provides vehicle and transportation. The company
          will move large items to their places, but you must unpack your own things. The most economical way to
          make a move; most suitable when you don’t have too many things.

      2. Complete relocation service (pojang isa) (5 ton truck costs approx. 450,000 won-500,000 won)
          The service provider will pack, transport, unpack, and arrange all luggage. Large and small items alike will
          be packed and transported. This method is more expensive, but most suitable for busy people.

      3. Store-then-relocate service
          Service provider will store your things in a container or garage until you can make the move. More expensive
          than normal relocation.

      4. Royal relocation (900,000 won - 1,300,000 won)
          Near-perfect relocation service. More people will pack and unpack your things, and also clean your new house
          when it’s done. About twice as expensive as normal relocation.

      * NOTE : "No spirits day"
          These are days believed to have no "evil wandering spirits," according to Korean superstition. As many people
          want to move on these dates, relocation fees are more expensive (about 200,000 won) for these dates.
          Check with your service provider for the specific dates.

  • List of Moving Companies

  • Yongsan-gu Isa World Itaewon 02-790-3774 Itaewon-dong 148-5
    Allied Pickfords 02-796-5961 Dongbinggo-dong 7-22
    Seodaemun-gu Sunwoo Express 080-365-0424 Bugahyeon 3-dong 1-546
    Seodaemun Express 02-3141-2400 Yeonhui-dong 519-162
    Gangnam-gu Gana Complete
    Relocation Service
    080-402-1212 Yeoksam-dong 775
    Daehan Express 02-514-2424 Samsung-dong 20-5
    Seocho-gu Hyoseong Isa 080-240-2455 Seocho-dong 1668-13
    Hyeonji Bldg. B101
    Isa Theme Park 02-573-3651 Yangjae-dong 265-18
    Pyeongchang-dong Good Morning Isa Service 02-6246-7402 Pyeongchang-dong 44
    Seongdo Freight 02-379-9000 Pyeongchang-dong 289-2
    Mujigae Isa 02-396-9999 Sinyeong-dong 44
    Myeongseong Express 02-3941-3000 Gugi-dong 56-10
    Seongbuk-dong Yujin Isa 080-926-2404 Seongbuk-dong1-ga 179-2
    Goryeo Isa Center 02-6246-4595 Seongbuk-dong 22

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