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Life in Korea
 * Accommodation
 * Garbage Disposal
 * Driving
 * Communication
 * Transportation
 * Medical Services
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Life in Korea - Accommodation
  - Residential facilities   - Moving   - Business centers
  - Office rentals   - Purchasing and renting a house   - Types of residence
  - Electricity Power Service   - Residential space rental to foreigners  

  • Types of rental housing (ordinary foreigners)
  •   Rental housing may be classified into apartment houses, town houses, officetel units and studios; and their
      rental terms may be classified into rental without deposit, advance rent payment, monthly rent lease and
      deposit only lease.
      * Rental without deposit
          Lease with monthly rent paid before the month starts, while a nominal deposit (advance deposit of
          one month's rent) is made at the time of lease.

      * Advance rent payment
          A monthly sum of rent for a given period (one year) is paid in advance.

      * Monthly rent lease
          Most popular lease terms for studios. Monthly rent is paid when the month elapses, while a nominal amount
          of deposit is paid at the time of lease.

      * Deposit only lease
          Residential unit (house or apartment) is leased based on a large deposit amount that the lessee lends to the
          lessor and on which no interest is payable. Instead, the lessee does not pay any rent.

  • Rental House Types (available to foreigners who obtain Korean nationality)

  •   * People Rental Housing
          Publically funded rental houses leased by the Korea Housing Corporation or the Seoul Housing Corporation
          (municipal corporation) for 30 years or longer. These houses are constructed with central or local government
          funding or the National Housing Fund (including funds raised by lottery programs) in order to provide low-cost
          housing to eligible citizens.

      * Deposit only lease
          Seoul City Government leases existing vacant houses under a deposit only lease contract from their owners
          and re-leases them to low-income families so that they may continue to reside within the same community.

      * Public rental housing
          - 5-year public rental housing : Houses with 83.66㎡or less floor area whose ownership title can be acquired
            when the five-year rental period elapses.

          - 50-year public rental housing : Lease contract is renewed every two years up to 50 years. Ownership
            acquisition is not allowed.

      * Permanent rental housing
          Public rental house leased permanently at favorable rental terms
          (limited deposit and relatively low monthly rental).

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