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Life in Korea
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Life in Korea - Medical Services
  - Psychological counseling   - Immunizations   - Natal care
  - Eye care   - National Health Insurance for Foreigner   - Free Medical Clinic
      for Migrant Workers in Korea
  - Hospitals   - Emergencies   - Medication and Pharmacies
  - Oriental clinics   - Dental care   - Inoculation

What's the National Health Insurance in Korea?
To enhance the public health and strengthen social security, the national health insurance is providing health
care benefits against illnesses and injuries for the insured persons. The insured persons under the NHI
program are classified into two categories: the employed insured and the self-employed insured.

Who could join the NHI?
  • 2008.12.17 (Explanation for the amended related law)
  • Category Before After A date of enforcement
    A date of enforcement for the self-employed When registered as an alien When resided in Korea over 3 months 2008.12.17
    When to acquire the qualification of that title?
      The very next day after you have passed 3 months since you came to Korea. Those who have yet to spend 3
      months in staying in Korea, though, could get it as well if they are certain to reside in Korea more than 3
      months in order for their study or business.

    How to sign up for it and what documents are required for enrollment of the insurance?
      - For the employee insured, an application form for enrollment and the certificate of foreign registration should
        be submitted.
      - Those who wish to apply to be insured independent of an employer should visit their nearest NHIC branch
        office with proof of alien registration.

    Imposition of contributions and payment
  • For the employee insured :
  •   The contribution amount is calculated by [monthly salary X contribution rate(currently 4.77%)] , and will be
      deducted from the monthly salary (50% of the contribution is shared by the employer). Irrespective of the actual
      date of enrollment, the obligation of contribution payment is retroactive up to the date the enrollee was

  • For the self-employed insured :
  •   The contribution amount for those who have an income is calculated by [monthly salary X contribution rate] and,
      for those who have no income, their contribution amount shall be equal to [the average monthly contribution of
      the Korean self-employed in the previous year] , which amounts to approximately 48,000 won. The obligation of
      contribution payment is retroactive up to the date the enrollee was registered as an alien in Korea.

  • For foreign students insured :
  •   The contribution amount can be reduced by 30% and contribution payments shall be made in advance every
      three months.

    Insurance Benefits
    The insurance benefit entitlements for foreigners are exactly the same as those for Korean nationals. Similarly,
    when the foreigner insured person or the dependents receive health care services at health care facilities, just
    like Korean enrollees, they should pay the amount of co-payment required for the services covered.

    * Telephone : 1577-1000 (Korean) / 02-390-2000(English) / Global Center (02-2075-4145)

    From 2009 April on, the Seoul Global Center has joined hands with National Health Insurance Corporation to provide more professional solutions about the questions from people from overseas, residing in Seoul

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