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Life in Korea
 * Accommodation
 * Garbage Disposal
 * Driving
 * Communication
 * Transportation
 * Medical Services
 * Tourism
 * Sports
 * Leisure
 * Etc

Life in Korea - Medical Services
  - Psychological counseling   - Immunizations   - Natal care
  - Eye care   - National Health Insurance for Foreigner   - Free Medical Clinic
      for Migrant Workers in Korea
  - Hospitals   - Emergencies   - Medication and Pharmacies
  - Oriental clinics   - Dental care   - Inoculation

Since many brand names vary throughout the world, make sure you know the
generic names of your medication. Generic names usually appear in English
on the package. If you are taking a prescription medication bring a supply to last
until you can establish a reliable source in Korea. Sending medication through
the mail might present a Customs problem. A pharmacy service based in
London can obtain medicine that isn't available in Korea; contact the Medical
Referral Service (MRS) for details.
  Pharmacies near big hospitals and larger pharmacies are more likely to carry a greater range of drugs; they are
  also more likely to have English-speaking pharmacists. This is important if your prescription includes multiple
  drugs because a pharmacist must be able to fill all of the drugs prescribed in your prescription or else it cannot
  be filled at all.

  Pharmacies in Seoul are everywhere and easy to spot. Just look for a '약' or '약국' sign. It is possible at
  pharmacies to buy medicine with a doctor's prescription, as well as over-the-counter medication.

  It is important to let your doctor and pharmacist know of any allergies you may have.

  * Please contact the medical referral service (MRS) at 010-4769-8212 or 010-8750-8212.

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